WA Specialists

Accident injury specialists for over 55 years

We are a Western Australian owned and operated injury law firm. Our senior motorcycle accident lawyers have chosen to specialise in this area and are passionate about this type of injury law.

Our speciality, experience and skills give our clients an advantage over our competitors. Specialising in motorbike accidents means that we can empathically and effectively handle your claim with the best monetary results to you.

You’ll have the benefit of many years of experience on your side. Our managing director is an expert in motor accident compensation having specialised for over 55 years. Backed by this experience we know how to achieve the maximum compensation for our clients.  Our experience will make a big difference to the amount of compensation that you receive.

Outstanding success rates

Our aim is to achieve the maximum result in the minimum time with stress free resolution of your claim wherever possible; but we are prepared to fight your case for as long as needed.

We have:

  • settled thousands of claims out of Court
  • taken numerous claims to trial
  • taken on many complex cases that other lawyers have rejected as too difficult to succeed and won
  • an outstanding success rate because all our senior specialist motor accident lawyers care about our clients and their families, work hard to prepare claims thoroughly and are backed by years of experience.
  • constantly exceeded the expectations of our clients

We know:

  • when and how much you should settle your claim for
  • when you ought to proceed to trial because the settlement offer is too low
  • when you ought to settle your claim because the settlement offer is reasonable
  • how to negotiate skillfully to obtain the highest possible offer of settlement

We will:

  • give you our best legal advice
  • always act in your best interests
  • allow you to make the final decision on any offer of settlement
  • take the fight to Court if that’s what you wish, we recommend and what is needed to get you the best result.