Motorbike Accident Lawyers – What To Expect?

Riding a motorbike or motorcycle is great, convenient and simply a good recreation too. Most of us love riding a motorbike and we all are fully aware that accidents do happen, not that we plan or want them, but they do unfortunately. Motorbike accidents can result in a range of injuries, from mild injuries like cuts and bruises, to major physical injuries and in some cases even death.

Injured in a motorbike accident – What to do?

If you are injured in a motorbike accident and not sure what to do then we suggest discussing your case with a motor vehicle injury lawyer and seek legal advice.

An expert motorbike accident lawyer can offer independent advice on how much compensation you should seek and will undertake negotiations on your behalf. At Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, our team have a wide range of knowledge and experience and are well equipped to handle motorbike accident claims. We can help you file a claim in Perth, Western Australia.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers – What We Offer?

1. No stress in dealing with insurers;
2. No upfront fees or disbursements (eg. medical report fees) as we are paid on finalisation of the claim;
3. We pay for all medical report fees and legal disbursements;
4. Specialist advice throughout the claim – if you act for yourself “you don’t know what you don’t know” and will miss claiming thousands of dollars. We make sure you don’t miss out on any part of your claim and will explore all aspects with you;
5. Building up the claim with evidence to support higher damages;
6. Expert submissions on the amount of damages;
7. Assessing what the claim is actually worth; and
8. Expert negotiation skills with the insurer to achieve the best outcome and maximum damages;
9. Reasonable fees for the work as the fees are often paid many times over with the extra damages obtained. Our fees are very reasonable as we obtain a significant contribution to our costs from the opposing or losing party.

At Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, we ensure that you have the best specialist representation on your side. We are specialist accident lawyers and provide a free initial consultation. Call us to book in a consultation with our experienced injury lawyers.