Brain and Head Injuries

The company’s managing director Peter Kakulas is the in house specialist on head injuries. His experience encompasses from the totally disabling to quite subtle head injuries, including apparently minor behavioural changes such as mood swings that follow head trauma.  The company’s managing director is very alert to head injuries and as a firm we have achieved extremely large settlements for brain injuries which previous lawyers have not even noted.

It is a sad fact that motorcyclists are more vulnerable to head injury and traumatic brain injury. The effects of a head and brain injury can be both severe and varied and affect not just the victim but also the victim’s family and close friends.

In addition to having come to terms with the injury itself there can be overwhelming practical considerations which need to be addressed. One of our staff is a psychologist with many years’ experience in rehabilitation and with our senior injury lawyers can help facilitate the building blocks to enable our client to move on with their lives.

We vigorously pursue interim payments to ease the financial burden and put in place early proactive steps. We can arrange for case management. We can also arrange more tangible assistance such as adapted accommodation and transport where appropriate.

If the motorcyclist has suffered a serious traumatic brain injury, as part of our total care we can organise sophisticated trusts so that compensation paid works as hard as possible to give the best returns as safely as possible.